Word From Founder


From Dalton, Ministry Director of Acts 4 Uganda:

One day while volunteering on a Christian mission in the outskirts of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, I met an 18 year old young man who had never put on a pair of shoes in his entire life. ​​​​​​​​​​He had never gone to school and suffered daily from the lack of adequate food and clean water. I was touched deep in my heart and was challenged to do something to help this young man. The only thing I could think of at the time was to give him a pairs of my shoes for him to wear. This young man was deeply grateful. ​ The sight of tears of gratitude welling up in his eyes started me on a path that led to the birth of this God-given dream. It is a big dream and at the same time it is a simple dream – to love and enable God’s children with acts of love.​

​​We live in a world where some have more than adequate resources, while others have little or nothing. Many in Uganda have some limited resources but do not know how to harness them to fruitful use. The poor lack education, job skills, supporting organizations and other opportunities to thrive and be successful in their community. Most important is that many have no hope of ever living better lives – it is not even a dream for them.​

​This ministry can create opportunity in which those who have and are willing to share the resources God has given them, have access to those in need in a way that they are confident that the resources (money, food, time, equipment, etc) are used efficiently, truly reaching those in need and most important, enabling people to become self-sufficient. It is the goal of this ministry to use these resources to develop self-sustaining, thriving people and not simply produce or perpetuate a welfare-class people. We seek to eliminate dependence on outside resources and enable people to live productive, fruitful lives alongside others and in turn, give back to enhancing their community.​

​We seek to empower people with hope, skills, knowledge and opportunities to become self-sufficient, productive members of their community. It is also the objective to have people become those who will be able to now help other people in need, thus developing a sense of pride and accomplishment.

​The ultimate goal of the ministry is to provide for 3,000 people in rural Uganda by providing orphanages, services that lead to self-sustaining lives and educational scholarships to students. The objectives of the ministry are to help the needy in accessing basic needs, establishing orphanages to care for parentless children, to promote education and skill-building to the youth and to enhance the rural poor with income generating activities like bead-making, tailoring and other vocational skills.

​​The ministry will have an impact on the problem of unemployment by training people in rural communities with income generating activities and increase literacy for children, youth and adults by providing access to educational opportunities. An added benefit will be to help reduce the crime rates in these communities because the youth who would be engaged in these crimes will have the opportunity for income generating activities and will not need to resort to criminal activity.

​​It is also a specific objective of this ministry to help with the education and skill development of the girls and young women with the long-term objective of reducing the gender imbalance in employment.