Our Objectives

Acts 4 Uganda Ministries works to accomplish its mission with these objectives:

  • Acquire/build and operate home(s) for orphaned boys and girls;
  • Develop self-sustaining village(s) to provide for all needs of orphans, including housing, education, medical care and church;
  • Collect resources and distribute according to need;
  • Provide vocational training and opportunities for youth and adults;
  • Enhance the rural poor with income generating activities;
  • Offer scholarships and educational opportunities to school-aged children;
  • Gain access to medical care for those who cannot afford it, with a focus on preventive care;
  • Establish ministry oversight and accountability.

We will accomplish these objectives through these four foundational methods:

  • Evangelism: Reach the lost with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and lead them to a new life in Him.
  • Education: ‚Äč Provide education to children through scholarships, and vocational training to youth and adults.
  • Provision: Meet people’s basic need for food, healthcare and healthy living conditions.
  • Hope: Hopelessness, misery and struggle will be uprooted and replaced by hope, creativity, innovation and the ability to be fully self-sustaining.