Rest in Power Mum Teresa Holden Shettles

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Nobody can understand how hard a separation is, than when one of your prized jewels leaves you. You search for it and it cannot be found, you ask for her and she does not hear you, you wait and she is not coming. It remains only the eternal memory in our hearts of our dear mum Teresa Holden Shettles who has gone to be with the Lord.

We shall always remember her for the golden heart she had and showed towards the birth of Acts 4 Uganda Ministries, she helped us in purchasing land the ministry seats on today and she was also a pillar when it came to building our first building in Lugazi.

We cannot believe you are no longer with us … We have to believe that God has bigger plans for you. You will always remain in our hearts. We pray that the Lord strengthen the bereaved family in this trying moment. Rest in Power Mum Teresa Holden Shettles

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